China's first new synthetic natural rubber

changchun institute of applied chemistry and technology of china petroleum jilin petrochemical company staff, after a year of hard struggle, in order to successfully synthesized homogeneous rare earth catalysts rare earth isoprene rubber, and recently passed the acceptance by the experts in the oil. the group believes that the results of a national initiative, the development of catalyst technology reached the international advanced level. isoprene rubber and its molecular structure and properties of the closest natural rubber, also known as "synthetic natural rubber" is a synthetic rubber to replace natural rubber in the best overall performance of the plastic types.

can be widely used in tires, tape, hose and other rubber processing field. but our species in synthetic rubber, isoprene rubber production is still blank. the development of rare earth isoprene rubber success, not only to address the shortage of natural rubber in china has opened up new types of plastic, to speed up the industrialization of isoprene rubber laid an important foundation, but also promote the comprehensive utilization of epa fractions, the economic and social benefits huge. china's annual consumption of plastic has reached 300 million tons, ranking first in the world. however, the annual output of natural rubber is only 50 million tons. huge demand and gaps in our country in recent years, imports of synthetic rubber and natural rubber reached on more than one million tons. to this end, developed as soon as possible with our own intellectual property rights of isoprene rubber, and accelerate the industrialization of its size, synthetic rubber, to enhance competitiveness in the international arena, so that power to a rubber of rubber from the consumption of changes in industrial production has become a national power major strategic needs. chinese academy of sciences, changchun is the earliest of the synthetic rubber research and development to carry out one of the units, with the accumulation of solid scientific research and technological strength.

they put forward the innovative homogeneous method of preparation of rare earth catalyst, catalyst system to solve the uneven over the years, measurement allowed, causing major problems of instability; by changing the catalyst preparation method, breaking the traditional homogeneous rare earth catalysts the limitations of the low molecular weight polymers, high molecular weight can be developed synthetic polyisoprene homogeneous rare earth catalysts for the development of a "guo zihao" high-quality rare earth isoprene rubber provides a high-performance materials, laid an important foundation . on this basis, through the polymerization process improvement, etc., at higher temperatures (40 ° c) have successfully synthesized and crystal stretch characteristics similar to natural rubber molecular weight distribution index below 3.0, mooney viscosity medium at 70-90 new high-quality rare earth isoprene rubber.