Introduced vacuum-sealed

  performance depends on the vacuum line connection at the sealing leaks and outgassing of vacuum materials. always hope for any vacuum system leak, put gas and seal the form, sealing materials, precision machining and assembly quality, and many other factors, so there will always be in the connection at some leakage, amount of gas, so you can work according to the nature of the vacuum system, working stress of the work of the vacuum chamber and the exit of the level of the size of the exhaust speed of the request. d | cad | machinery | automotive | technology vacuum system pressure higher than the 10-5pa vacuum in the widespread use of synthetic rubber, epoxy resin and plastics. when the vacuum that the vacuum pressure of 10-7pa range, the sealing material can not be used, and require the application of ultra-high vacuum sealing materials such as gold or copper gasket, and the vacuum shell can not be soft just need to switch to stainless steel. super true state of the air inside the gas dynamic equilibrium state. limit the pressure within the system, on the one hand and the effective pumping speed on the pump, on the other hand and from the vacuum inside the shell and the relevant parts of the gas flow. although the system due to the effective pumping speed of the pump has the structure size and cost reasons, there is always practical limits. therefore, the reduction of gas flow to achieve ultra-high vacuum into the fundamental design goals as the main selection criteria for ultra-high vacuum materials. as the materials used inside the vacuum system, requiring saturated vapor pressure, and body in order to reduce chronic desorption outlet, requires ability 450 ℃ high temperature baking, without reducing the mechanical strength and chemical and physical damage does not occur. shell material as a vacuum system, the request can ignore the gas permeability, to withstand atmospheric pressure, air resistant, erosion and baking during the leak does not occur. in addition, requiring the selection of materials, manufacture is easy, cheap and easy to get. for less than the 10-7pa vacuum ultra-high vacuum, although the natural and synthetic rubber ring is an ideal material, flexibility, and assembly into a vacuum sealed flange force is very small, and can be reused many times. however, due to system requirements for ultra-high vacuum seal material resistant to 250 ℃ baking, in fact, several could be used for rubber materials can not meet the requirements. higher vacuum (ie, lower pressure) of the ultra-high vacuum, it must be metal seal.