Will regulate the utilization of waste rubber

  to enable the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber into standardized, the ministry of energy saving and comprehensive utilization division has recently organized the drafting of a "comprehensive utilization of waste rubber guidance" and is currently soliciting industry experts, business advice and suggestions.

  ministry of industry and energy conservation and comprehensive utilization department official says, the rubber is one of china's four major strategic materials, rubber, 70% of our resources to be imported, so the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber to do the work of national significance.

  according to reports, in recent years, comprehensive utilization of waste rubber in china has made great achievements: the renovation of old tires increased year by year, accounting for the proportion of the amount of scrap tires generated from 7% to 10%; recycled rubber industry is flourishing, renewable rubber, rubber has become an important supplementary resources; china has built more than ten million tons of rubber powder production line, production technology in the international leading level; waste rubber pyrolysis technology application will not be further processed to form rubber-like resources the decomposition of waste rubber into a fuel oil to achieve the full utilization of waste rubber.

  also understood that the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber in china there are many issues to be resolved. source of tension such as the renovation of tire tire tire retreading rate is too low lead, cutting lead to flooding the market standard tire carcass quality can not be guaranteed retreaded tires, tire wear, but do not limit the logo in place, recycled rubber production is facing environmental challenges, powder downstream market development of poor, lack of industry-standard thermal cracking process, indigenous oil refining waste of resources, rampant pollution and the environment.

  currently, a number of key enterprises and avic i beijing aeronautical manufacturing technology research institute, china federation of logistics & purchasing quality supervision and testing renovated tire testing centers (guilin), beijing university of chemical technology and other units have been developed to regulate the industry offer advice and suggestions.