Domestic rubber machinery to promote

  rubber tire production machinery is an important condition of the foundation, in recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic tire industry, rubber machinery in china developed very quickly. investment advisor in the chemical industry researcher yi-chi chang pointed out that the development of the rubber and tire machinery industrial development simultaneously, pulling the tire industry, while the development of rubber machinery, rubber machinery also contributed to the development of the tire industry.

  according to the investment advisor "issued by china's rubber machinery industry, 2010-2015 investment analysis and forecast report" shows that the rapid development of domestic rubber machinery, china's annual output of over 30 million sets of all steel radial tire business investment in equipment up to the required 6 billion yuan, and now only 2 billion yuan; the past years, 100 million new sets on a semi-steel radial tire production line to be 250 million -3 million investment in equipment, are now only 100 million -1.2 million. yi-chi chang believes that the development of machinery for rubber tire companies save a lot of equipment investment, improve market competitiveness of domestic tire, the tire industry is conducive to rapid implementation of large-scale production.
research director at the investment adviser yan lin zhang also pointed out that rubber machinery and equipment industry has been recognized as one of the industries best domestic, at present, most domestic tire machine in the technical content, appearance, internal quality and performance has reached international level, the development of china's tire industry provides support and protection.