(A) the implementation of the "human" management, stimulate their initiative and creativity.
Specifically, is the sincere emotion managers to enhance the management and the emotional connection between employees and ideas to communicate, to meet the psychological needs of employees to form a harmonious working atmosphere of a management style. Emotional management can best embody the affinity of cultural management, the core is to stimulate the enthusiasm of workers, eliminate the negative emotions of workers, two-way communication through emotion and communication to achieve effective management. "Human" management should be refined to "management by walking around" and "listening-style management" and "communication style management."
  (B) "management by walking around": means to further production site managers, to understand the situation, problem solving, more contact with the staff, the words and deeds must be originated in the mind, strengthen the emotional communication, to foster a close, trusted interpersonal relationships, the establishment of a dedicated and harmonious atmosphere of cooperation. Enterprise managers are good at managing emotions were full of human touch, that is, into the enterprise to reduce internal friction, straighten out the relationships of the "lubricant."
  (C) "to listen to management": management to seriously listen to the views of staff, to create opportunities for employees to fully express their views. Production and operation situation is solidarity with each employee, every step of development so that each employee must understand that only the knowledge of sensible people to recognize their work constitutes one of the determinants of enterprise efficiency can be based on the position, the body heart into the work.
  (D) "communication management": business management intimacy between employees and can only be based on mutual respect, mutual understanding basis. Only administrators and managers to put themselves to accept each other's thinking, and "empathy" to understand each other's behavior, communication can only be effective, "management transparency" to mobilize the enthusiasm for production employees.